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Life-Like Matchbox Majorette - HO Slot Cars -
Life-Like Indy Cars #1 & #2
The cars come from a rare Australian set from what I understand.
Life-Like F1 Cars
The cars come from a rare Australian set.
The McLaren #8 & Williams #2.
Pictures compliments of 
Bob Carey. AKA Mr2Bob
Life-Like Cars
These are the other four cars they released.

Picture compliments of 
Claus Hupel Germany
Majorette F1 Cars
There are a variety of these cars and I know very little about them. They latter became part of, or always were a part of the  Ideal Toy Company.
Ideal McLaren's
The three red and white McLaren pictures were released by the Ideal Toy Company.
Matchbox F1 Cars
These five cars were released by Matchbox and they are a larger scale HO car. They do not run on the common HO tracks as the contact pick-up shoes are to close together.

They are the:
McLaren #33
McLaren Marlboro # 1
Tyrrell elf #2
Tyrrell #9
Ferrari #2

Majorette Williams #2
Pictures compliments of ZANZA
Majorette Benetton #3
Majorette Ferrari's
Majorette Williams Set

Majorette Williams and McLaren
Compliments of ZANZA

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The F1 & Indy car collections of Life-like, Matchbox and Majorette are shown on this page.

Life-Like McLaren & Williams from Australia. Matchbox Ferrari, Tyrrell and McLaren. Majorette, Benetton, Ferrari, McLaren and Williams.