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Nightmare Penn Line Rokar Wrenn - HO Slot Cars -
The Nightmare, Penn Line, ROKAR and Wrenn HO F1 and Indy cars made by these manufacturers

Cars on this page are made in the USA (Nightmare & Road Race Replicas), Germany (Rokar) and England (Penn Line and Wrenn).
All are HO scale slot cars as they will run on the standard HO track.
ROKAR - Germany (F1 or Indy???)
Nightmare Racing
Tyrrell 006

Here is the history of these cars as per Rick Burneson from HO-USA. 
I was fortunate to get this information.
Long ago, Aurora was going to come out with the Tyrrell 006. Before it was released, one of their advisors (Jackie Stewart)  talked them out of it, saying the six-wheel Tyrrell P34 would make a more up to date and interesting car. 
The project was scratched and Aurora never made the 006.
Around 1997-98 an ex-Aurora employee was selling off his personal collection, and in with all of the Aurora originals, were a couple of test shots of the 006 Tyrrell. 
These were purchased by Mark, who is "Nightmare Racing." Mark (a rabid Tyrrell fan!) used the test shot to make a master and used the mold to make 150 #5's and 50 #6's. Mark cast them in "Tyrrell Blue" and David Romero made the decals for them. They were sold as limited editions around 1999. 
The real cars were driven by 
Jackie Stewart and Francios Cervert.
I have had offers to purchase these cars, but they will not be for sale. 
I purchased them on ebay from the original owner and realized it would be a rare opportunity to get these cars into the collection... it was! 
If you run across and opportunity to purchase one of them, do so as you may not get a second chance.
Tyrrell # 5 is number 36 of 150
Tyrrell # 6 is number 36 of 50
Road Race Replicas - USA
Road Race Replicas
Goodyear #2
Pirelli #3
Pennzoil #5
Pirelli #8
STP #5
Pirelli #7
WRENN - England
Penn Line - England
Test Shot
Nightmare Racing - USA

Wrenn F1 Collection
Complements of Goran Hellsin
Penn Line Collection
Complements of Goran Hellsin
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In 1960, Wrenn entered the electric slot car racing arena producing their "Formula 152 model racing system." Cars were powered with a twin conductor and the system was capable of running three cars at a time on each track. 

Accessories included: track barriers, lap counters, pit buildings and more.

The original cars were the Ferrari and Cooper with the later release of the Vanwall, Maserati, BRM and Porsche.

Customized by me.
Penn Line entered the slot car market in the early 60's. The cars were very detailed showing alot of realism but were under powered. The cars were modeled after Indy racing cars and the sets were endorsed by A. J. Foyt.